This information will explain the functionality of the Club Admin Role and how to apply for the Role 

1. Sign in

Sign in using your email address and password when you created an account (see How to Register for Access to Competition Management ) for more information

If you have forgotten your password then please select Forgot Password?

2. User Profile

Once you have signed in you will be taken to your User Profile page


3. Application for Roles

Select on Roles to begin process to apply for Roles. Any existing Roles applied and assigned to your profile will be visible. If no roles exist a message will display 'No records to display'.  To apply for Roles select Request Role.

4. Request Club User Role

To apply for access select the Club Admin Role, a drop down list will appear where you can search for the Club you require access to.


Select a role and submit on Request

You can only apply for one role at a time

5. Role Application Submitted

Once a role application has been submitted, a confirmation message will appear. Once the MA System Administrator has approved the role you will be able to login to the platform with your new User Role 


Club Admin Role requests are approved by the MA System Admin

6. Club Admin Role Explained

When a Club has a Club Admin Role approved they are able to complete the following tasks within a Club

  • Create a Team (the team can not be assigned to a Competition by the Club Admin)
  • View Members
  • Create Team Kits
  • View Competitions the Club is participating in
  • Matches scheduled
  • Manage the Player List for Teams assigned to Competitions
  • Match Sheets - Pre and Post Match