This user guide provides information to Member Association on how to create and add a Club Logo to a club in FIFA Connect, to display the Club Logo in the Football Competition Management System (FCMS).

Step A: Prepare the club logo image file

Step B: Upload the club logo image file


1. Obtain club logo image file

2. Add club logo to template

Added Club Logo Templates:

If using Transparent background ensure Mode = Indexed Colour

Image requirements:

  • Size: Square 1024 x 1024px (recommended) -  120 x 120px (minimum)
  • Background: Transparent (Mode = Indexed Colour) or any colour.
  • File format: png (for transparent background) or jpg
  • The system will crop the uploaded logo using a circle mask and use a 5% margin

3. Resize logo

Resize the logo to fit inside the the whole circle on the Club Logo Template

4. Remove the white circle and margin

5. Save image and PNG or JPG

Save image as a PNG or JPG without resizing or cropping the image canvas.


1. Navigate or drill down to the club

2. From the menu, select 'Club Documents'

3. Select Document Type 'Club Logo', then Click 'Add'

4. Upload file

Click 'Click here to upload file', or drag and drop image file to that upload file space.

5. Click 'Crop'

6. Click 'Save and Close' (without cropping)

There is no need to crop the image, so just click 'Save and Close'.

The logo is automatically approved.

7. Switch to FCMS and search for the Club.

Observe the club logo is displayed.

8. Repeat the process for every club logo