This information will explain how as a MA System Administrator you can accept and reject Role Requests

1. Log in to the Competition Management Platform

Sign in using your email address and password when you created an account (seeHow to Register for Access to Competition Management) for more information

If you have forgotten your password then please select Forgot password?

2. Review Roles ApplicationOnce logged in view the Users Menu by selecting Users on the left-hand side


Only MA System Admin will have access to Users

3. Review Roles Application

This allows the MA System Admin to view the list of Approved users on the Accounts tab.  To see Role Requests that need to be reviewed select on Requests. If there are roles to be reviewed there will be a number of roles listed to review

4. Select to Approve or Decline ApplicationThe MA System Admin now has two options

        - Approve the request for the Role

        - Decline the request for the Role

By approving a role you are granting that person a certain level of access to the Competition Management Platform, so review all requests carefully