This information is to provide Member Associations an overview of adding/editing Club Category records for their Clubs.

Connect allows Member Associations to record a history of the Club Category level of their Clubs; this is in accordance with FIFA's Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players for the calculation of training compensation.

Applicable categories vary between confederations and associations; these are published on the FIFA website. Typically this is updated annually and enclosed within circular letters that are distributed to all Member Associations (specifically regarding the Status and Transfer of Players, and the categorization of clubs).

New Club Registration

When approving a New Club registration, there is an additional 'Club Category' tab that the MA user must complete before they are able to approve the Club.

The user must add the details for a Club Category record for that Club, which entails selecting the applicable Category and the Date from when it is valid.

The 'N/A' option should only be selected for clubs that do not register any regular football players at all (e.g. social/recreational football providers).

Adding/Editing Club Category Records

To access the Club Category list for a Club, drill down to the Club then select 'My Club' > 'Club Category' from the menu.

These records are visible to Club, District and Region users, but can only be edited by an MA user that has the 'MA Org Admin' user role.

Select 'Add Record' (or 'Edit' for an existing record) to enter the required details. The date entered should not match the date of an existing Club Category record for that Club.

Please contact the Support Team if a Club Category record needs to be deleted.

Club Category Import

It is possible for the Support Team to import an array of Club Category records directly into Connect to assist your Association. It is encouraged that an import only be done initially, to populate a history for your Clubs; ongoing review and updates should then be managed by the above process to Add/Edit Records.

Please download and complete the attached template spreadsheet, then return it to the Support Team to arrange an import.

There are only three fields (columns) that need to be completed for each record:

  1. Organisation ID - The Org ID of the Club that the record is being added to; can be found via reporting or viewing the Club's details in Connect.
  2. Club Category - Valid values are "Category 1", "Category 2", "Category 3", "Category 4" and "N/A".
  3. Valid From - A date in the format YYYY-MM-DD.

Multiple records can be added for each Club in a single import, but the date of each record should be different.


It is possible to review all Club Category record details via reporting.

A user at Member Association, Region or District level should select to build an 'Advanced Clubs' report.

The Club Category fields are listed on the left under the 'Club Category' section.