This information is to guide the Member Association on how to add a discipline rule to competition within the Competition Management System.

1. Edit Discipline Settings 

Once a competition is created, navigate to the Discipline tab.

Under the page, you will be able to see the overview of the existing discipline rules of the competition. To add a new discipline rule, click on the Edit button and a new tab Discipline Settings will appear on the top navigation panel.

2. Add Rule 

Once you are in the editing mode, start adding a new discipline role by clicking on Add Rule.

3. Complete the Rule Details and Save
Then fill in the following details of the discipline rule:

  • Offender Type: Player or Team Official
  • Number of Cards Collected
  • Cards Type: Yellow or Red
  • Card Counter Reset: Enable or Disable
  • Number of Matches Suspended Counter Reset
  • Disciplinary Committee review: required or not required

Number of Cards Collected means number of Cards required to trigger a suspension (i.e. 4 Yellow Cards will trigger a 1 Match Suspension

Card Counter Reset - enable this if Yellow Card Rule is the same throughout the season, for example if 4 yellow cards always equals a 1 match suspension then select to enable card counter reset.

 If Competition Rule (for example is 4 Yellow Cards = equals a 1 match suspension, however if same player receives an additional three yellow cards that will equal a 2 match suspension, than Card Counter Reset must be disabled and a second yellow rule of 7 yellow cards equals 2 match suspension to be created

4. Discipline Settings

The discipline settings enable the Competition Manager to create discipline rules which will determine after how many red/yellow cards a player/official will be suspended. To add a rule select the Add Rule button. To save the rule select the Check mark button and Select Submit to advance.

Example of rules:

  • A player shall be suspend for the next match after receiving 3 yellow cards (in 3 different matches):

  • A player shall be suspended for the next match after receiving a any red card (second yellow or straight red):

Rules can be removed or modified until the start of the competition

Two yellow cards in the same match, the second yellow card turns into red. This rule exist by default in the system and do not need to be set by the user.

After filling out the details of the Discipline Rule, select on the "tick" to save the rule.