This information is for MA Competition Managers who would like to set up the pregame in the Football Competition Management System. 

1. Matches

From the Competitions menu, select 'Matches'.

2. Search for the required fixtures

Inside Matches, in order to find the fixtures more easily you be able to filter by 

  • Competition
  • Match
  • Team
  • Venue     

The match can also be accessed via Competition > Stage > Match

3. View the game
Select the match you want to begin the Pregame process by clicking on View.

4. Manage the team
By clicking on Manage you can select the members into the team.

5. Assign the starting lineup, substitutes, and team officials
Firstly, you need to select the Starting Lineup, then indicate what player is the GK (Goalkeeper) and the C (Captain), and click on 'Add to List'. Repeat the same process for the Substitutes and Team Officials, when completed, click on Save.

Do this process again for the other team.

The "Copy Previous" button will allow you to select the team composition of the previous match if applicable

6. Save

Click 'Save once completed.