This information is for Member Associations to explain how to how to Create Team Kits. Team Kits may be required as part of the Match Day Requirements as to what kit is being used on any given Match Day.

1. Select Club

From the menu on left side of the screen select on Clubs.

2. Search and Select a Club

In the list of Clubs select the Club for which you want to add a Team Kit in the list by selecting the button View, alternatively look for the Club using the search bar (top right part of the screen).

3. Select Team Kit

Once in the chosen Club select the Team Kit Tab and select Create Kit Set button.

4. Create Kit Set

The competition manager can create up to three different kits in a kit set, Home, Away and Third

For each Kit the shape and colors of the Jersey, Shorts and Socks can be modified.

Select Save to finalize the Kit Set creation.

The user can select the color among the colors listed in the pop up window or enter the HE code color code for a customized color (e.g. #15C04E). The color codes can be found thanks to Google "Colour Picker".