This article is to provide the necessary steps to the Member Associations in How to Edit an Existing Fixture in the Football Competition Management. 

1. Log in to the Competition Management

To get started, the first thing we would need to do is to log in to the Competition Management system, using the credentials we created to log in.

2. Select the Competition you want to edit the Fixture

Once selected, on the left side of the screen, Click on Competition and select the competition you want to Edit the Fixture.

3. Select the Stage in which you want to edit the Fixture

Now that you have selected the Competition, select the Stage you want to Edit the Fixture.

4. Edit the fixture in the "Matches" Tab

After selecting the Stage, system automatically is on "Matches" tab where all the matches in the stage are visible. Scroll down (or use filter option) and look for the Fixture you want to Edit. After doing so, click on the Calendar to Edit the Fixture.

5. Edit and Save the Fixture Details

 A new window will open, in which you will be able to edit the Fixture details. After doing so, click on Save.

Fixture details you can edit are 

  • Match No. (Make sure Match No. does not already exist for another Match)
  • Round
  • Match Day
  • Date & Time
  • Default time zone
  • Teams (Home and Away)
  • Location/Venue
  • Live Data