This information is to guide Member Associations on how to add a Log In Message on their respective Environments.

1. Navigating to Log in message functionality 

As MA System Administrator, from the menu navigate to My Association and select Log in messages

2. Adding new message

Click on Add new message button to continue.

3. Enter details of the Log in message

On Create/Edit Log in message screen user can change the following information:

  • Language - choose which language the message will be applicable for (1)
  • Message - add the text the should display for the message here (2)
  • Active - toggle between making message Active/Inactive (i.e. visible or not visible to users) by switching between options Yes and No (3)

4. Creating the new Log in message

Once all details have been set as required, select Edit/Create to save the message.

5. Managing existing Log in Messages

On Log in message management screen user can do the following:

  • Disable all messages - by clicking on this button, all active Log in messages will be disabled (1)
  • Edit - user can edit Log in message (2)
  • Delete - user can delete Log in message (3)
  • Disable - user can disable only a selected Log in message (4)
  • Add new message - user can add another new Log in message (5)

6. Preview of Log in message

To check if Log in Message was set successfully user has to Log out from the Environment and check the Log in Screen. Message should be displayed on top of the page: