This information is provided to Member Associations as a guide on how to manage translations of the FIFA Connect Platform using Weblate.

Access to Weblate is provided to Member Associations by the FCP Support Team.

1. Go to Weblate URL -

2. Click 'Login' at the top-right hand corner

3. Enter your Username and Password (provided by the FCP Support Team)

4. From the Dashboard click 'Translate' for the relevant language

5. Add Translations

The Screen will appear as follows. The list of items, words or phrases (Strings), is automatically filtered to Strings needing action (Translation). 

  • Add the translation of text displayed in Source to the Translation field.
  • After adding the translation, click  after completing every word or phrase (String).
  • Click  to navigate to the next words or phrases (String) requiring translation.

 The “Source” field shows the term that needs to be translated (default will displayed in English)

 The “Translation” field should be filled by you with translated term in your local language


For advanced searching and filtering click


 Specific Translations:

  •  For the phrase "Showing _START_ to _END_ of _TOTAL_ entries", please do not translate the words _START_, _END_, _TOTAL_, only translate the others words "Showing/to/of/entries".
  •  Do not translate words displayed as "%s", however translate all other words. 
  •  Do not translate the word displayed as "_MAX_", however translate all other words.
  •  Do not translate: $typeName, '.$ptype.’, '.$dref['strLocalName’].’, (=!@#$%^&*), however translate all other words.
  •  Do not translate: <a href='%register_link%' title='sign up link'><b>
  •  Do not translate: </b></a>

6. Return to the Dashboard

Select Dashboard on the top-left hand corner.

Our goal is to ensure every language is translated to 100%.

7. Language Component

From the Dashboard click the component name of the Language

8. Manage and Publish Translations

Select Manage, then select Repository maintenance

Click Commit, then click Push

 Once this has been completed the translations will be saved and available for our Development Team to push the translations to the UAT and LIVE environment.

9. Change Password
a) To change password, open the profile menu (in the top right hand corner) and select 'Settings'

b) Select 'Authentication'

c) Select 'Change Password'

d) Add your 'Current password'

e) Add your 'New password'

f) Add your password again in 'New password confirmation'

e) Click 'Change my password'