This information is to prepare Member Association with Data Import requirements when migrating to FIFA Connect.


At a minimum, every MA needs to complete an organisation import for all organisations that cannot be added via registration in Connect (i.e. Regional and/or District Associations), but we are also able to perform an import of Clubs before you go Live with the platform.

Instructions for completion can be found in the template files; please use the template that suits your Association's organisational structure (i.e. whether your Country also has Regional and District Associations, or if all Clubs are affiliated directly with the Member Association):

Organisation Import File (Clubs Only)

Organisation Import File (Regions and Clubs)

Organisation Import File (Regions, Districts and Clubs)


Refer to the attached files - they contain instructions and are populated with example data that should be replaced with your own data.

Having the Organisations, Persons and Registrations files completed is essential for an import of your members; the Transfers and Loans files are only required to add further detail to registrations of that type if applicable.

Once we have seen the structure of your current data we may be able to suggest some potential workarounds to getting to fit in with the import requirements.

Note: An import of Person/Registrations can only be done before your Association goes Live with the Connect platform, and is subject to strict data quality requirements.
Please get in touch with us as soon as possible if your Association would like to pursue an import of persons/registrations.

Full Person and Registration Import Files