This information will explain how to initiate a domestic Player Loan to your Club. Loans are only applicable to Players with a Professional Level.

1. Select People

2. Select 'Request a Player loan'

A loan is performed when a Club wants to loan a player who is currently registered with another Club.

3. Loan Type

Select 'Domestic'.

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4. Domestic Loan 

To search for a person you can enter one of either in the Search Box:

  • First and/or Family Name of Player
  • ID of the Player

You can perform a part search of a name by typing in the first three letters of the name followed by * e.g. smi* to find all names with smi in it (e.g Smith).

Only players who are active or passive will appear in search.

5. Select Player to Initiate Loan

To initiate a loan, click on 'Select' for the member you wish to request a loan for.

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If a person is listed more than once, ensure to select the record with relevant sport.

6. Select Sport and Dates

Click on the Sport (Football or Futsal) this is required as a Loan can be for either Football or Futsal. Add the Loan Start Date and the Loan End Date. Then click on 'Send Request'.

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7. Loan Summary

As you proceed through the Loan Request, the Player Loan Summary can be viewed on the right of your screen.

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8. Submit Request Player Loan Notes

A pop up text box will appear where you are required to submit the reason for the loan request, this comment will be sent to the Club that the player is currently registered to. These notes will also be visible to you association, when approving the loan.

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You cannot proceed without entering any notes.

9. Loan Request Submitted

The request has now been submitted to the Club where the player is currently registered to and awaiting their approval.

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The existing club will now review your request, then accept or reject the Loan Request for the player.