This information will explain how to continue with an Accepted Transfer Request of a player (of a particular Sport type) to your Club. This applies to Domestic Transfer and to International Transfer Return.

1. Work Tasks - Accepted Transfer Request

When the Club has accepted the transfer request and released the player, (View User Guide on 'Work Tasks for Clubs') it will appear on your Clubs Work Task Dashboard as a transfer request having been accepted.

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When the national Association has accepted the International Transfer Return request and released the player, it will appear on your Clubs Work Task Dashboard as an International Transfer Return request having been accepted.

2. Begin Registration of Player

To proceed with the player registering to your Club, click on View and Process

3. Initiate Transfer

The next screen shows you the full personal and contact details of the Player, it is important to check that this is the player you wish to register

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Once confirmed, click on 'Continue Transfer' to proceed or 'Cancel Transfer' if you no longer require this player to be transferred to your Club

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4. Check and Update Player Details

The player information will be pre-populated from their previous registration, so please check if any information requires to be updated by clicking 'Continue'

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5. Change Level During Transfer

During the Registration Step of the confirmation of the transfer registration, you are then able to change the level of the registration, for example the player may currently be an Amateur but the transfer to the new club is for them to become a Professional (only if over 16). Therefore on the Registration step, please select the correct level the player is registering to with the new Club.

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6. Documents

When a player is transferred to a new Club, their existing documents remain with the new Club to 'view' or 'replace' as required (for example a new Identification as the previous one for the player had expired)

To view the document, click on the blue hyperlink under each 'description' and to replace the document select 'click here to update this file'

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There may be a need to upload new or additional documents. Upload mandatory documents.

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7. Payments

Any fees associated with the transfer and registration of the player may be listed below. Make a selection then click 'Continue' to proceed.

Upon choosing the licence you then have the option to 'Pay Now' or 'Pay Later' 

  • Pay Now: By choosing this option it will then take you to the payment portal where you have a list of options to pay for the registration
  • Pay Later: By choosing this option it will then submit the registration, however an invoice will be created for you to pay later

The registration of the Player will not be approved and made active until Payment is made

8. Summary

The summary screen allows you to double check that all details entered are correct before submitting the player registration, please ensure you check all information

If you need to change any information click o the edit link

Make sure you click the edit link relating to the area you want to change, for example the Contact Details

9. Submit Registration

When all information has been checked, click on 'Submit' to go to Payment Portal (if Pay Now was selected previously) or Submit to Member Association where registration then be complete (Pending Payment before approval)

10. Registration Submitted

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Once the registration of the transfer is completed the Member will be marked as pending and awaiting approval (and pending payment if Pay Later was selected)

Once completed you are provided with three options

  • Transfer another Player
  • View all currently submitted registrations
  • Go to your Dashboard

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By clicking on Transfer another Player - it will take you back to Step 3 (in User Guide) where you can request transfer for another player

By clicking on 'View all Currently Submitted Registrations" it will take you to a list of all Pending Registrations for your Club

By clicking on "Go to your Dashboard" it will take you back to your Task List.