This information will explain how to continue with an approved Request Persons Details request.

1. Work Tasks - Accepted Request Access (Add Role)

When the Club has accepted the Request for Access to Add Role and released the person (view User Guide on ‘Work Tasks for Clubs’) it will appear on your Clubs Work Task Dashboard as a Request Access (Add Role) having been accepted.

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2. Check Member Details

To proceed with the Adding of the Role to the Person, click on ‘View and Process’ 

Complete one final check of Member details to ensure this is the person you require to Add a Role to by clicking on ‘Current Club Details’ and ‘Member Details’ tabs.


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3. Initiate to Add Role to Person

If you no longer wish to Add Role to member click on ‘Cancel Access’ or if you wish to proceed click on ‘Add Role’


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4. Registration

The first step of the registration is to select the Role you wish to add to the Member, the choices available are

  • Club Official
  • Coach
  • Player
  • Team Official

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Based on the role you select, please view the User Guide on the required Role to assist with the registration