This information will explain how to action Work Tasks at your Club.

Work tasks form part of the day to day running of system for your Club, it is important that you view and action these tasks each day when you log in. You will also receive email notifications to the assigned email in the database when a task requires your attention.

Below are a few examples of potential work tasks that would require your attention. 

Work TasksTask List Examples
1Transfer Request from another Club for a Player
2Request Access (Add Role) from another Club
3Finland Football Association or District has placed a registration on hold that requires your attention
4Transfer Request has been accepted to your Club
5Request Access (Add Role) from another Club has been accepted
6Person who has self registered requires the Club to Accept, Reject or Place Registration On Hold

Dashboard Explained

When you log in at Club level, the first screen that appears is the Dashboard; here it will show you all outstanding work tasks that require your immediate attention. 

The Key areas of the Dashboard are listed below
  • Number of new tasks since you last logged appears in Red alongside the Tasklist column heading
  • Any New Tasks are highlighted a slightly darker grey

  • Ability to filter by task list type from drop down list provided
  • Ability to sort by latest or oldest work task
  • Ability to sort by Status (Pending, On Hold, Accepted)
  • Ability to toggle between Actions of All Tasks and New Tasks

The most recent Work Tasks will be listed first by default.

To begin to action a work task click on the blue button to the right of each task that (depending on the task) will be labelled 

  • View and Process
  • View
  • View and Approve

See the relevant User Guide for each Work Task (Transfer, Request Person Details, Tasks On Hold)