This user guide will explain how to create and verify a User Account to be able to log into Connect.

Having a user account in Connect will allow you to:

  • Apply for access to act on behalf of different organisations (Associations or Clubs) within the system; and/or,
  • Manage your own registrations as an individual participant ("Self-registration").

The availability of Self-Registration for different Roles (Player, Coach, Referee), Levels and Sports (Football, Futsal) may differ depending on your Country.




1. Access the login page of your Association's portal




2. Select 'Register'

The 'Register' link is at the bottom of the screen beneath the 'Sign in' button.

3. Enter account details, then select 'Signup' 

You must enter relevant details for each of the fields, fulfill the displayed captcha, and tick to acknowledge the Terms & Conditions before you can proceed. 

Your email will become your username.



The notes to the right of the fields will detail specific requirements, including the criteria for selecting a secure password.



4. Confirmation of account submission




5. Account verification

You must verify your account before you are able to log in.

An email containing the subject line "Confirm your email with..." will be sent to the email used in Step 3 above.

Click the 'Confirm' link within the email to verify your account.



The account confirmation email should be received within moments of signing up.
If you have not received the email, please check that it has not been redirected to your spam messages or that your email inbox is full.  

6. Confirmation of account verification

The following message will be displayed. Click 'Login'.



7. Log in

Enter the username (your email) and password used to create your User Account in Step 3 above, then log in to your account by clicking 'Sign in'.