This information is to provide Member Associations with guidance managing identified duplicate records. 

What is a Duplicate? a duplicate is when two or more profiles exist for the same person.

It’s best that duplicates are not created, so it is important that all registrations are fully checked; FIFA Connect via the FIFA ID, should indicate when a person is registered that has the same or very similar details to a person that is already registered.

However, if there are duplicates that have been identified, you are able to merge one person into another. This should only ever be done with the highest level of care, as it is not possible to reverse this if a mistake is made. It is highly recommended that you practice merging persons in your UAT environment before doing so in your Live environment.

Please refer to the user guides for instructions on how to merge duplicates  - Duplicate Records - Merging.

It’s not recommend that records have their status modified, as you may lose the ability to view the person's full registration history once the duplicate merging functionality becomes available.


  • Check work tasks properly
  • Duplicate may be created via mistakes in approvals or due to data import (if applicable)
  • Do not amend the status of registrations records
  • Important to make sure beyond any doubt that persons are genuine duplicates and not just coincidence
  • Contact the FCP Support Team, if you require guidance of have any questions regarding the treatment of duplicate persons
  • User Guide - Duplicate Records - Merging