This information is to assistant Member Associations (using Freshdesk as an Agent) set the appropriate Priority when assigning issues to the FCP Support Team.

When assigning ticket to FCP Support Team (as an Agent), selecting Priority is not mandatory, however if you are to make a selection, please follow this guide.


Priority LevelDescriptionExamples
LowSmall service degradation (business process can continue, few user affected)
MediumLimited degradation of service (limited number of users or functions affected, business process can continue)
  • Issue is visible to the end user and operations are affected
  • Usability issue, which can be corrected with a reasonable workaround
  • A non-critical functionality is unable to complete but is not affecting other functionality
HighSignificant degradation of service (large number of users or business critical functions affected)
  • Production site has been impacted; however, limited production can continue
  • Usability issue, which cannot be corrected with a workaround or the workaround significantly impairs their ability to complete their work
  • A non-critical functionality is unable to complete but affecting other functionality
UrgentService not available (all users and functions unavailable)
  • Production site is down and unable to recover
  • Loss/corruption of data has occurred
  • Data is unavailable to users
  • Failure of critical function(s) prevents production transactions from completing
  • Security is compromised
  • An action results in a system crash and the user is unable to continue

The Support Team will always strive to answer and respond to all tickets in a timely manner, so Member Associations can expect no change in response time's when using the correct priority level.

High and Urgent priority level would not be applicable to a Change Request, because they are reserved for system errors that result in significant degradation of service or the system not being available at all.