This information is to guide Member Associations to create a NEW ticket for the attention of the FCP Support Team.

Follow these steps to notify FCP Support Team of any feedback or questions you may have.

1) Navigate to the FIFA Connect Support Portal

Go to

2) Create Ticket

To create a new ticket select ‘New support ticket’

 3) Add Requester

The Requester would be yourself, so type in your email address or your name.

4) Add Subject

Subject would be the issue ‘e.g. Document Missing for Professional Player’  

5) Country, Level of query, Nature of query

  • Select your Country
  • Select Level of Query = National Association
  • Select relevant Nature of query

6) Description

 Make sure you clearly identify the issue.

  • Please clearly explain the issue identified
  • Please provide detailed steps so the FCP Support Team can replicate the issue before submitted to the FCP Development Team

  • Be sure to include the level logged in at when issues was identified (Club or RA or MA Level)

  • Do not log all bugs in one long email, it is easier to break down issues in separate emails

  • Where helpful, please include screen shots within the email

  • When detailed information is provided, it will assist the FCP Support Team to resolve the issues you submit

  • The FCP Support Team may at times ask for more information to assist in resolving the issue, all communication will be through Freshdesk.

  • Attached any screen shots where required

7) Submit

Tick the I'm not a robot, then click submit