This user guide will explain how to link your previous registration record with your new User Account.


If you are a new participant that has never previously registered with your Association, this information is not applicable.



1. Access the login page of your Association's portal



2. Enter the email address and password you selected when creating your account, and select 'Sign in'

3. Click 'Link an account'


4.  Enter previous registration details (ID code and DOB), then select 'Link Account'



Your ID code will be the one you used in prior seasons. 



Date of birth format is in YYMMDD. For example, if your date of birth is 27 March 1990, the DOB for linking to you previous resignation will be 900327.




5. When you have successfully completed the link within your new User Account, your previous registration record will appear


 Your previous registration is linked Successfully

5. If you have entered an incorrect ID Number and/or an incorrect corresponding date of birth, the following message will appear


 Please contact your Association if you are having any difficulties linking your previous registration with your new User Account.

6. Log out

To log out, click the cog (in the top right-hand corner), then click 'Logout'.

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