This information will explain how to request a Person's Details who is at another club. This is required when a Person is already registered in the system with another club and your requires to register the same person but for a different role.

Below are a few examples of potential scenarios.

Scenario Person Currently is… Request for
1 Player at Club A Person to be Coach at Club B
2 Coach at Club D Person to be Player at Club C
3 Team Official at Club A Person to be Player at Club D
4 Club Official at Club E Person to be Player at Club F

When a Club wants to register a Player who already exists as a Player at another Club, then a Transfer is required.

1. Select People

2. Select 'Request for Person Details'

If person already has a registration with your Club then please view the 'Add Role: Existing Club Member' User Guide

3. Search for Person
Search for the Person you wish to add a role to at your Club. To search for a person you can enter one of either in the Search Box “Enter Name or Member ID” 

  • First and/or Family Name of Person
  • ID of the Person

4. View and Select Person

The search may return multiple records, therefore carefully check you request details for the right person by viewing the person record first.

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5. View Record

To View Member Record in more detail, click on ‘View’ It will list the persons current registrations and the Current Club

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6. Send Request - Request Notes

Once you have selected the correct member who you wish to Add a Role to, click on ‘Send Request’ a window will then appear where you enter Request Notes, these will be sent to the existing Clubs Work Tasks to view and approve.

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Cannot proceed without a Request Access note entered

7. Request Access Submitted

Confirmation screen will appear to notify Club that Request has been sent to the required Club

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