A release of the FCMS Platform occurred on Thursday,  25th of May 2022. No downtime was expected during the maintenance.

The release contains the following bug fixes/developments:

Addition of the Referee Assessor User role:

  • The Referee Assessor will be able to evaluate referees performance on a match basis.
  • The Referee Assessor can be appointed to a match as a Match Officials;
  • The Referee Assessor can submit their expenses the same way other Match officials do;
  • The Referee Assessor can view the Dashboard and the Appointments tabs.
  • The Referee Assessor cannot enter any match data:

- Referee Assessor report will be generated according to the data entered into the notes.

- If there is no data - no data will be displayed.

- A Referee Assessor Report template for a pen and paper solution is available.

  • Referee Assessment:

The Referee Assessments forms differs per sport (football/futsal);

 The Forms have General tab for “general” information, such as Difficulty, incidents, remarks etc. and referee specific tabs;

Futsal (RA can evaluate imposed cards only by Ref and 2nd Ref):

  • Referee
  • Second Referee
  • Third Referee
  • Timekeeper

Football (RA can evaluate imposed cards only by Ref):

  • Referee
  • 1st Assistant Referee
  • 2nd Assistant Referee
  • Fourth Official

  • Assessment guidelines:
  • The Assessment guidelines are set as default, however they can be modified.