This information is for MA Competition Managers who would like to set up Sponsors’ logos to the competition’s match reports.


1. Navigate to Sponsors section

To reach the Sponsors section in your competition, Select Competition on the left side menu, choose the required competition and click on Sponsors:

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2. Upload logos


Sponsors’ logos can be uploaded to the Header and/or to the Footer of the report.

Recommended file types are JPG, JPEG, or PNG files with an aspect ratio of 2:1 and a minimum resolution of 300x150 pixels.


To upload a logo, choose a position and click on the upload button:


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Each position represents a different placement on the report. If the logo needs to appear on the top left corner, then the 1st position in the Header should be chosen, if it needs to appear on the top right corner in the Header – 8th position, etc.

Once the logo is uploaded, the Position, Filename, name of the person who uploaded the file, date and time of the upload will be visible on the dashboard. The recycle bin icon allows to delete the logos if necessary:

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3. Preview logo

To visualize the logo’s placement on the report, click on Report Preview:

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Open the downloaded file and verify the logo’s placement:

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