Any widget will require different information from you in order to display correct data. Different widgets will have different requirement. Finally your Website should support Javascript. 

Below you can see a Match Preview widget code snippet. In order for that widget to show correct data, you will need MatchId and Client_Code.

Required data will be shown between Curly brackets for any widget.

Depending on the desired widget, different information will be required:

  • Client code
  • Match ID
  • Team ID
  • Person ID
  • Competition ID

1. Where can you find Client Code?

  • Log into Under Hosted Solutions tab click on Edit button.

  • Here you can find the Client Code.

2. Where can you find Match ID,Match ID, Team ID, Person ID and Competition ID?

There are 2 ways how to get that information. 

  • One would be through the use of an API call, which you can find Here
  • Second one would be, once all competition fixtures are prepared for the season, you can submit a ticket Here to get full list of Match ID's or any other previously mentioned data.

Once you have required information, you can start implementing Widget code to your website HTML code.