This article is to provide the necessary information to the Member Associations in How to use Fixture Conflict Calendar in the Football Competition Management system. 

1. Log in to the Competition Management

To get started, the first thing we would need to do is to log in to the Competition Management system, using the credentials we created to log in.

2. Fixture Conflict Calendar screen on Dashboard

When logged as Competition manager, you will be able to see Fixture Conflict Calendar on your Dashboard.

3. Explaining Fixture Conflict Calendar features 

Fixture Conflict Calendar is a useful tool for Competition managers which provides:

  • Ability to view MA’s competition schedule for upcoming matches for a current month in a calendar view;
  • Ability to advance or reverse a calendar by month to see previous or next months fixtures;

A Match which requires role-specific attention shall be indicated in the calendar. The list of all role-specific actions shall be listed for a specified day and match. 

4. Explaining Fixture Conflict Calendar indications

Fixtures in calendar are shown in square indicators. There are currently three types of indications implemented on Fixture Conflict Calendar.  They are as follows:

Yellow - Fixture Conflict

Grey - Match status Completed

Blue - Match status Scheduled

5. Quickly access indicated fixture from Calendar

It is possible to quickly access the specific competition or match by selecting required indicator:

If only calendar day is selected and no indicator is chosen, Competition manager is able to see all fixtures from that day on right side of the screen:


6. Dealing with conflicting fixtures

There are 4 types of conflicts currently implemented to the calendar:

  • A Venue is used for more than one match on the same day
  • A Referee is appointed for more than one match on the same day
  • MA Official is appointed for more than one match on the same day
  • A Team is allocated to more than one match on the same day

If there is a conflicting issue, match will be marked in Yellow on the calendar. By selecting required indicator, Competition Manager will be able to see which conflict does fixtures have and will be able to access that match or competition to resolve the issue:

Once issue is resolved, fixture no longer will be marked in Yellow on the Conflicting Fixture Calendar.