This information is to guide Member Association on how to link a Referee Member to their User Account.

If the referee/match official is responsible for entering results post match for the matches they are allocated to then this User Guide is applicable. If the referee/match official is not responsible, then the below is not required.

For this guide we will assume that the Referee Admin Role has been approved for the User Account.

Refer to How to Request an Admin Role, to apply for a Referee Admin Role

1. Search for the User

Under the User account page, search for the User Name or the User Email in the search box

2. Link to Member

When you have located the User account, click LINK

3. Search for member

Search for the member's name in the search box

4. Select and Link

Select the correct member, then click LINK

5. Linked

The member is now linked to their User Account

Once linked, the Use Account will have access to the 'Matches' Menu item, and be able to access the matches they have been appointed to

Repeat the process for the next Referee's User Account

6. Unlink

To unlink a member form a User Account, click the X for the member, then click UNLINK

The member has been unlinked