This information is to provide a general overview of the FCMS (Football Competition Management System) Platform to Member Association (MA) users


FIFA Connect Integration

If your MA is using FIFA Connect:

  • Single Sign On technology is used to access both FIFA Connect and FCMS. Stakeholders only require one username to access both the Registration Platform (FIFA Connect) and the Competition Platform (FCMS)
  • All registrations automatically sync to FCMS
    • Clubs
    • Players
    • Coaches
    • Officials
    • Referees
    • Venues
  • Photos of members automatically sync to FCMS
  • Club Logos automatically sync to FCMS
  • Registrations records must be ‘Active’ and have a To Date (/End Date) in the future (or equal to the match date) within FIFA Connect, for members to be able to participate in matches in FCMS.
  • Users must apply for FIFA Connect Admin roles and FCMS Admin Roles separately.

FIFA Connect Function designed for FCMS

  • Photos of members automatically sync to FCMS
  • Club Logos automatically sync to FCMS
  • Clubs can be assigned a default venues


FCMS Setup

Before creating any competitions please ensure all the following Set up items have been reviewed and amended accordingly:

  • Age Groups
  • Seasons
  • Competition Levels
  • Referee Categories

Preparing the following will also help optimise the creation of competitions:

  • Adding club logos and Default venues in FIFA Connect
  • Creating Club Kits in FCMS


Competitions Tips

  • Review all Stage and Competitions settings before adjusting the Stage Status from, ‘Draft’ to ‘Scheduled’.
  • Ensure all Discipline settings are correct, before commencing a competition


Competition Creation Summary

  • Create Competition
  • Add Teams
  • Complete Team Grid 
  • Review fixtures/matches
  • Amend Stage Status to 'Scheduled’


Calendar layout of matches:

  • Blue - Match status is 'Scheduled'
  • Grey - Match status is 'Completed'
  • Yellow - Conflict exists (example of conflict: Team conflict, Venue conflict, Match Official conflict). Conflict timing uses calendar day.

Referees and Match Commissioners Users

For Referees and Match Commissioners to use the FCMS platform (if applicable), the following is required:

  • An 'Active' registration in FIFA Connect (as indicated above)
  • A verified User Account
  • An approved Admin Role (Referee / Match Commissioner)
  • A Linked Member



For Suspensions to function as expected:

  • Ensure Discipline settings are correct
  • Ensure the Fixture dates and times are always up to date
  • If a date of a match is not known (because it needs to be rescheduled) please set the date after any upcoming matches where suspensions apply (or after the competitions conclude date), until a new date and time has been selected  
  • Ensure all matches within a competition are marked as 'Completed' in date/time order
  • Any manual sanction imposed, must include the Automated Suspension (Automatic Suspension = 1 match, then require 3 more match suspension, then Manual Sanction must be 4 matches (automotive + manual extension)

Standings Adjustments [Widgets]

After Standings Adjustments are made, one of the following must occur:

  • Standings on widgets will be updated after the next match is marked as 'Completed'
  • If there are no close upcoming matches, re-open the last match (revert status to 'Scheduled') and change status back to 'Completed' to trigger the standings update