This information will explain how to view which players registered at a club have been assigned to teams, and how to add a player to a team that has already been created.

Players can also be assigned to teams when the team is created, or by editing an existing team (see the 'Team: Add' and 'Team: View/Edit' guides respectively).

1. Select People

2. Select 'People in Teams'

save image

3. View the 'People in Teams' list

The table will list the players that are Active for the club, and will display personal (Name, DOB) and registration (Role, Level) details. The 'Team(s)' column will list any teams that the player has been assigned to for the current season; this field will appear blank if the player has not been assigned to any team(s).

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4. Select 'Add Team' for the player you wish to assign to a team

5. Select the checkbox for the teams the player should be assigned to

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You can de-select the checkbox if the player needs to be removed from a team

6. Select 'Save and Return'

You will be returned to the 'People in Teams' list.