This information will help Clubs to learn how to use the reporting functionality. Reporting helps you produce reports on your members that can be saved to run again at any time, or exported into Excel.

1. Access to Reports

When logged in click on the ‘Reports’ option.

 2. Reports Manager 

Under the default tab, 'People', select from the two available options 

  • Build a Report
  • Run a Report

'Build a Report' allows you to create your own custom reports. 'Run a Report' allows you to run default system report or previously created custom Reports

3. Advanced People (My Level) 

By selecting ‘Advanced People (My Level)’ it allows you to set your own parameters for reporting on any Member role within your Club. To continue select ‘Build’.

4. Reportable Fields 

The reporting Fields are separated into 7 Options:
  • Personal Details 
  • Registrations 
  • Contact Details
  • Identifications
  • Other Fields 
  • Transactions
  • Certification Types

The fields you would select would depend on the type of report you were trying to extract.

For example if you wanted to know how many female players you had the Club for the current season you would require to select some of the fields found under ‘Personal Details’ and 'Registrations'.

If you also wanted to report on the phone number and email address, you would also then require fields found under the ‘Contact Details’.

5. Select Required Fields

 To select the fields you require for the report, click on the ‘tick box’ next to each Field Name. As you select the field, they will then show under ‘Selected Fields’ on the right of the page.

To reorder fields, click and drag the Field Name of the selected fields to the desired position.

6. Specific Search (Filter)

On certain fields you can specify in more detail what you want the report to include, for example by selecting gender as a Selected Field, you can then specify the gender for the report by selecting = male or female.

7. Run Report 

Once you have selected the fields from the available options then click on ‘Run Report’ this report will then open up in a second window/tab for you to view.

8. Additional Options – Sort

To improve the report you can select to ‘Sort By’ the report (for example alphabetical Family Name or Age of Players youngest to oldest) . This can be done by click on ‘Sort By’ and selecting the available options.

Please ensure you have selected the field you want to Sort By in the report. e.g. Family Name

9.Additional Options – Secondary Sort

 Once you have selected how you want to sort the report by, you can also include a Secondary Sort.

10. Additional Options – Grouping 

To improve the viewing of the report, you can select to ‘Group’ the report so it splits into two categories on the one report, for example ‘Gender’ so all the Male Players are grouped together and the female players are grouped in the report together also.

11. Run Report

Once the Sort and Grouping options have been selected (if required) then click ‘Run Report’. To edit report selections, click 'Back to Configure'

12. Save a report 

Reports that will be run on a regular basis can be saved in order to reproduce them with a simple click.

To save a report select the fields you wish to include in the report, ensure the Output is set to 'Display', click 'Run Report', then click 'Save Report'

Enter name of report, or replace existing report. Click 'Save'.


13. Run a Saved Report 

To run a saved report, return to the Reports Manager, by clicking ‘Reports’ in the menu. Saved reports are located within the 'Run a Report' list. Click 'Run' to run the report.


14. Edit a Saved Report 

To edit a saved report, return to the Reports Manager, by clicking ‘Reports’ in the menu. Saved reports are located within the 'Run a Report' list.

Select the report you wish to change and click on ‘edit’, you can then add or remove fields to this report and click on ‘Save Report’ to keep the changes you have made to the report. To replace the existing file when saving, select the report from the Replace Existing Report drop down list. To create a new file, add a new name and click 'Save'.

15. Recommended Report 

The Reporting functionality provides you with the ability to run reports on Members that have registered to your Club. A good report to run to see which members have been registered for the current season would be as follows:

  • Click on 'Reports' from the menu 
  • Under ‘Reports Manager', 'Build a Report' 
  • For ‘Advanced People (My Level)’ click 'Build'
  • Under ‘Person Details’ select the following fields 
    • National Identification Number 
    • First Name 
    • Family Name 
    • Date of Birth
    • Gender
  • Under ‘Registrations’ select the following fields
    • Role 
    • Level  
    • Status
    • Registration Period
  • Apply a filter to 'Registration Period', to that it equals the current season

Click on ‘Run Report’ for the report to see all persons that have registered to the club in the current season.

You can modify the report to include more or fewer fields, such as including email addresses so that you can email all of your active club members, or also filtering by role if you only want to email your club's coaches.