This information will explain how to view or edit a team that has already been added at an organisation.

1. Select My Club or My Association (depending on what level you are logged in at)

2. Select 'List Teams'

3. Select 'View' for the team that you wish to view/edit

4. View team details

You will view a summary of the details for that team, including persons selected as players and staff for that team.

Click 'Edit' at the bottom of the page if you want to change any of the team details or to amend the selected players/staff.

5. Edit team

If you select 'Edit Team', you will be taken to the Add Team workflow (from Step 3 of the 'Team: Add' user guide) with the existing values pre-selected.

Proceed through each step of the workflow, making any amendments as required, and select 'Update' on the summary page to save your changes.