This information is to provide Football Association of Finland details relating to the HETU uniqueness functionality.

Option 1

There may be cases where a HETU number was previously used and there is a need to create a new registration record using the the same HETU Number.

  1. Log in at MA level
  2. Add the person but do not enter a HETU number
  3. Once the new person is Active, search and view the person
  4. From the Person Dashboard, 'Edit' the Personal Information
  5. Add the HETU number
  6. Click 'Save'

Option 2 - 'Deleted' Person Status
HETU uniqueness function excludes detecting HETU numbers with records with a Person Status of 'Deleted'. FCP Support Team now have the ability to modify Person Status from 'In Progress' to 'Deleted'. To do this please submit a ticket via Freshdesk to the FCP Support Team and include the following:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • HETU Number
  • Self Reg Account (if applicable)

Detailed Information: In Pelipaikka when a user progresses passed step one of the registration flow, the registration is classed as ‘In Progress’. For every step completed (completed being, when the user continues to the next step), all information added to the previous steps are saved, including the HETU number. If a user subsequently does not submit the registration these registrations are saved as ‘In Progress’. This can occur either if the club selects ‘Save and Exit’, or if the user logs out or closes the browser while in the registration flow. If a user then attempts to add another new person with the same HETU, the new HETU uniqueness functionality will prevent the user from progressing.

For Club/RA/MA users, these registrations are saved on the ‘Incomplete Registrations’ page (located under ‘Work Tasks’ in the menu). A user may return to these registrations, to continue or delete the registration.

For Self Registration users, these registrations remain as saved in the system however a user is not able to locate and continue with the registration so they remain in the database, and the HETU uniqueness functionality does not allow another record to be added with the same HETU. These registrations can be listed via reporting using filters (Record Creation = Self Registration, Person Status = In Progress), and if the user has progressed passed Step 3 in the registration flow.