This information is to provide Member Associations information on how a custom support URL is set up in Freshdesk.

1) Select type of support email

Each Member Association must have one unique support email. Member Associations must decide to use either a custom support email or a Freshdesk support email. If a custom support email is preferred, your email system must support Forward Rules, otherwise you will need to use a Freshdesk support email.

Examples of custom support email

If you have decided to use a custom support email, you will need to continue reading the information contained on this page.

Examples of Freshdesk support email

If you decide to use a Freshdesk email please advise FCP Support Team, what email prefix you prefer, if available we will set this up for you. There is no need to continue reading the information contained on this page.

A Freshdesk support email is the quickest and easiest support email to set up. There is no action required by the Member Association to set this up.

 It's recommended that your support email is not the same as the MA Level Contact Email (which is used for Work Task Email notifications).

2) Forwarding Rules for custom support email
If you have decided to use a custom support email, and you have an email system other than Google Mail or Office 365, you must confirm with FCP Support Team that your email system can support Forward rules.

3) Create Custom Email

If not already existing, create the custom support email and advise FCP Support Team what the email is and that the email is ready for use.

4) Add to Freshdesk [FCP Support Team]

The FCP Support Team will add the custom email to Freshdesk, and advise the Member Association what the forwarding email address is. 

Example of a forwarding email address if a custom email is used:

5) Verify Email

An automated email will be sent to the custom email. The Member association will have to send this email to the FCP Support Team. The FCP Support Team will verify the email on your behalf.

6) Add Forwarding Rule

The Member Association will then be advised to create a forwarding rule using the forward email created in step 4.

For detailed information on setting up forwarding rules for Google Mail or Office 365, please refer to Freshdesk support article ( 

Example of forward rule: forward emails received at to

Once the above steps are complete, any email that are sent to the custom support email, will be sent to Freshdesk. Freshdesk will convert these emails into tickets.

All correspondence with stakeholders must be made through Freshdesk, and not via the custom email inbox.

What's Next?

Member Associations need to advise full names and emails of each agent, along with a short statement relating to the purpose for access of each agent. This will be reviewed and approved by FIFA.

After the above process is complete Freshdesk training for Member Association agents is conducted.